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Skies and Clouds

Start Painting Beautiful Skies whether it's Sunrise, Daylight or Sunset

In this course, you'll learn to :

  • Paint contrasting colours for a sunset

  • Create shadows and highlights

  • Create depth with the use of background and foreground

  • Incorporate other materials op top of watercolour.

This course comes with 2 free classes which focuses on the basic techniques:

  1. Techniques for Skies

  2. Techniques for Clouds


These classes are provided to help you warm up,

get used to watercolor and master the important basics for painting skies and clouds.


Techniques for Skies

Learn how to choose the right colours for a sunset sky. Master the techniques on how to lay out a variety of colours for the sky and achieve a smooth transition between different hues.


Techniques for Clouds

Here, we will learn how to paint with only 2 colours! I'll be sharing how to paint clouds by adding highlights from the sun and shadows to create depth in a landscape.

Once you get comfortable, you may then proceed to paint the 3 masterpiece projects which I have prepared for you as below:


Project 1
The Red Lighthouse

In the first project of this course, we will start off with a simple landscape. With the techniques learnt in the earlier classes, we will be applying them in this project to paint day time blue skies. To complete the landscape, we will also learn to paint vast brown fields with lighthouse.


Project 2

By The Lake

Let's mix things up a little and create a more dramatic effect in the skies. We will paint background bushes using wet-on-wet technique and foreground leaves with wet-on-dry technique.

**There will be a bonus where we will learn how to paint calm waters too!


Project 3

Sailing Boats

In the last project, we combine all our skills into this piece! We will paint silhouette of cityscapes and sailing boats. Upgrading from calm waters in project 2, we will finish off by painting the sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?
You will get lifetime access and be able to watch and learn as many times as you please. 
When can I start the class?
As soon as you registered and made your payment, access to all classes will be made available immediately and you can start watching!
I have no experience in painting, is this suitable for beginners?
Two free classes which focuses on the basic techniques of painting the Sky and Cloud has been made available for you. Do make use of these free classes to warm up and practice your paintings. These classes are taught in a very beginner friendly mode and are easy to follow. Once you get comfortable with the basic techniques, you may proceed to paint your 3 masterpiece projects.

What People Say...

I signed up my son and daughter for the online art classes and they had so much fun just painting today. I'm amazed at their final artwork when they were just following the video instructions and I'm glad that they can learn so much from Kerrilyn. It's a wonderful way to spend our time together and I'm glad that my children are able to learn from such a wonderful teacher 😀

Just completed my online class with, it was a wonderful way to spend time to learn something new during this MCO period. This online water painting class is easy to learn and instructions are clear. Thanks to a great teacher, i have learned a new hobby and i look forward to improving myself with more classes from her.

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