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Semi Realistic Magnolia

In this course, you'll learn :
- Warmup exercises and techniques on how to paint every individual petal
- Learn to add shadows to petals to make it look realistic
- Use a lifting technique to create highlights and contrast

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will I have access to the course?
You will get lifetime access and be able to watch and learn as many times as you please. 
When can I start the class?
As soon as you registered and made your payment, access to all classes will be made available immediately and you can start watching!

I have no experience in painting, is this suitable for beginners?

What People Say...

Just completed my online class with, it was a wonderful way to spend time to learn something new during this MCO period. This online water painting class is easy to learn and instructions are clear. Thanks to a great teacher, i have learned a new hobby and i look forward to improving myself with more classes from her.

This is suitable for students who already have some background or basics in watercolor. If you are looking for beginner-friendly course, do check out the other courses which we have ie. Skies and Clouds. But if you are up for some challenge, you are more than welcomed to join this class!

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